Through Genre Tales I've worked with writers, producers, directors and distributors all over the world to help develop, critique and finalize their projects for several years.

I've helped writers to finetune their story so they are creatively fulfilled and have the best chance of commercial success. And I've aided producers in deciding what projects is worth their time, effort and financal assistance, as well as guided distributors on what projects can have the most commercial success. More recently I've taken on redevelopment duties to bring projects back on track and worked for-hire to polish scripts and shape projects in preproduction.

While still taking time to work with industry clients and emerging writers, I've recently become more selective of my client list as my focus (re)turned to my own writing. In doing so, Genre Tales as a company has been pivoted further into the publishing arena.


Analysis Services

A variety of analysis services are available. These included simple project grading, full reports and in-line feedback.

Development Services

Options include: writer for hire, creation of additional paperwork, and redevelopment of existing projects.


A free to download collection. Includes screenplays, lookbooks, show bibles and more. Currently unavailable.


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