We provide feedback for writers with existing creative projects and work with writers to help develop their ongoing projects.

We write pitch and packaging material for existing projects and take on commissions as writers for hire across all genres, mediums, budgets and audiences. We also give feedback on rough cuts of in-production films in preparation for re-shoots.

In the beginning our focus was on working directly with writers. While that continues to be a major focus, we’ve also expanded to other areas of the creative industries.

Recently we’ve been working with publishers, producers, production companies, distributors and everyone in between. Both locally and increasingly internationally. This expansion into new areas has seen us providing feedback to clients on projects by the likes of: Alex Garland (“28 Days Later”, “Ex Machina”), Rowan Joffe (“Before I Go to Sleep”, “Tin Star”) and Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”, “Locke”).

Films we’ve provided feedback on have starred such actors as Mel Gibson (“Braveheart”, “Lethal Weapon”), Margot Robbie (“Suicide Squad”, “Wolf of Wall Street”) and Rosamund Pike (“Gone Girl”, “Jack Reacher”).