I’ve been writing for twenty years and editing screenplays and manuscripts for ten. The majority of my background is in the film and TV field, though I’ve recently begun expanding the reach of my services.

As a writer I’ve done everything from short films, TV and features, to radio dramas, theatre and novels. While my work is often at the darker end of the spectrum, I work on any story that appeals to me. As such during my time as a writer I’ve worked on every genre imaginable, including children’s animation.

As a reader I’ve most often worked directly with screenwriters to develop their work. I regularly work with directors and producers, helping them to fine tune potential projects. I also work with investors and distributors to help assess a project’s potential.

Most recently I’ve expanded the service beyond the film and TV arena, working more frequently with theatrical writers and authors.

Here are just a few of the projects I’ve read for various clients:


      The Perfection



If you’d like to discuss me reading your project, please get in touch via