ONE OF THE best ways of developing your skills as a writer is by reading the work of others. Even if you’re not a fan of a given script or writer, there’s always a takeaway that can be learned.

It could be you’ll learn what not to do, or pick up a technique you’d like to adapt and incorporate into your own style. In this way, even the worst script can be a valuable learning tool.

I’ve personally been collecting scripts for years and I’m going to be uploading them all here for educational purposes for any writer who wants them. I can’t say the quality is perfect on every single one, but they should all be readable.

Pick a Script, Any Script

The linked images below will give you a flavour of the screenplays available (and make the page look more colorful). To see everything that’s free to download CLICK THIS LINK right here. I’ll add to the available scripts periodically too, so it’s worth keeping an occasional eye on the page.


Along with a large selection of screenplays I’ve also collected a handful of other potentially useful files. These include press kits, one sheets and show bibles. Over time I’ll be adding these too.

*All relevant copyrights respected and observed.