creative services

As well as providing coverage to others, I also take on writing assignments. Whether you need a synopsis or treatment for an existing script, a bible for a new series or a writer for hire, I can help.


A logline is an intrinsic part of project development. At the beginning of the project they can help form the backbone of your story. At the end of development they can be essential in helping you gain interest in your project. But writing a logline isn’t easy. There’s an art to introducing the story, and the characters in so few words.

If you’ve already got a project, and you just need a logline, I can help. I’ll read your screenplay or manuscript and develop three loglines to encapsulate the project and present it in the best possible light.



The synopsis allows you a little more room to breathe than the logline, but not by much. Now you’re distilling the concept at the heart of your story into just a few sentences or a paragraph. It’s often best to think of the synopsis as four sentences – one for the beginning and one for end, with two for the middle.

For those who have a completed project I’ll read the screenplay or manuscript and develop a strong four-sentence synopsis that sells the concept and lead characters in strong fashion.



The ultimate freedom comes with the treatment. Free from the constraints of the synopsis and logline you’re free to express your creativity. But it’s the freedom that most frequently undermines a treatment’s quality. It’s all too easy to craft a treatment that outstays its welcome, that presents a sense of pace or tone that doesn’t match the project.

That’s where I come in. After a thorough read-through of your screenplay or manuscript I’ll craft an engaging 5-page treatment. One that will capture the essence of the story and characters, while giving a sense of the tone and pace.


Concept Document

Similar to the show bible but calling for far less detail, the concept document is ideally suited to a feature film project or full length novel. Indeed, a variation of the document is often found at the beginning of production scripts to give an immediate “sense” of the project.

If you’re in need a concept document, I’ll read your screenplay or manuscript and, collaborating with you on key details, put together a strong document that gets your project off on the right foot.


Show Bible

There was a time when a TV show could be pitched off a basic concept, maybe a script or two, and a one-sheet. Those days are gone. Now you need a pilot script, if not the whole season, and a knockout show bible that breaks down everything. From breakdowns of the characters and plot to tonal and genre influences. Got an unusual concept? Here’s where you breakdown why it’s necessary and how it works.

The hardest part of creating a show bible is finding the perfect balance. Not just in information, but in style too. No one wants to read 30+ pages of solid text. They want images and DTP style design work to sell them on the concept. They want to feel like you know your concept inside out and know how to balance what’s interesting with what isn’t.

Luckily, I can help with that. Working in close collaboration, I’ll develop a solid, engaging show bible for your concept. I’ll work with you to determine the design, and the core content before putting the document together in a way that shines a spotlight on your creative endeavours.