I offer a variety of services, intended to help you regardless of skill level or the point you’ve reached in development.

If you’d like more information, or want to book one of the services below, please email to get started.


Have you got an idea for a story, but you’re not sure if it’ll work? Write up the concept in a sentence or two, aiming for no more than 50 words and drop it in an email. I’ll take a look and let you know my initial thoughts on the idea.

50words               |               £Free



Write up your concept to a full page (single-spaced) including the beginning, middle and end. I’ll take a look and provide an analysis of the story’s potential.

1pg Synopsis       |               £15.00



Treatments can vary in length but it’s often best to keep them short and sharp. Write up a five page single-spaced treatment that covers the arc of the story and gives a feel for the main characters, and I’ll analysis the story’s potential.

Got a longer treatment? Let me know the page count and we’ll go from there.

5pg Treatment      |               £50.00


Shorts, TV, Features

Regardless of whether you’re writing a short film, a television series or a full length feature, there are two options available to you regarding analysis: GRADING and FEEDBACK

Simple Grading is ideal for a finished screenplay, one you feel is ready to go. Whether that’s as a competition entry or straight into production. What you get is a brief overview of the story as it was understood, a variety script elements graded between “Poor” and “Excellent” and a final comment regarding the overall quality of the script.

Full Coveragegoes into much more detail. You’ll receive a longer overview of the story as it was understood as well as the grading. You’ll also receive in-depth feedback under three key headings discussing all relevant elements of the grading. If something doesn’t work, it’ll be discussed and, where possible, will touch on potential ideas for how to address the concerns.

Flash Fiction, Short Story, Novellas, Novels

For authors, the same GRADING and COVERAGE options of the script service are available. Like the script service you’ll receive and overview of the story as it was understood – perfect for making sure your intentions were clearly picked up on – as well as the grading of various key narrative elements. This is followed by detailed discussion, set out under three headings: Creative, Technical, and Craft.

Creative covers such considerations as character, plot and dialogue. Technical delves into the pace and genre. Craft looks at the writer’s voice and the overall quality of the writing.

Unlike screenplays, the length of which are determined by page count, prose is far more commonly based on the word count (wc). The huge variety in word count makes committing to an exact cost a huge gamble: what if you’re only a few words into the next level of a scale for example. As such, while the below is a good general guideline, I recommend contacting me with your actual word count so I can give you a fair and accurate assessment of cost.