About Genre Tales

GENRE TALES BEGAN as an independent service providing script feedback through the Raindance Film Festival. That association has now ended.

In recent years it became increasingly obvious that the priorities of Raindance were out of step with my own. While I sought to enable emerging filmmakers to break into the industry and get their work noticed, Raindance began to shift its focus toward courses and away from filmmaking.

My desire to help emerging filmmakers and disappointment in the reality of apparent independent champions was what ultimately led to this website.

What’s on Offer?

Services: A significant function of the site regards the services I can offer. I’ve trained to the highest industry standards and over the last few years I’ve read and fed back on hundreds of screenplays. I’ve reviewed rough cuts of films and offered guidance on potential reshoots. I’ve proofread novels and screenplays and worked tirelessly to edit the writing of my clients so they can tell the best possible version of the story they want to tell.

I’ve also worked as a writer for hire and taken on rewrites for both emerging writers and established producers who needed fresh eyes on a project.

I do my best to keep the prices low and the quality high and am always happy to answer questions so do feel free to reach out.

Resources: In addition to the services outlined above I’m hoping to build a solid set of resources I think will be useful to anyone visiting the site. I’ve started by making a folder full of screenplays I’ve been collecting over the years available for free and I’ll do my best to add to it regularly too.

Articles: I know conventional wisdom is to post daily, several times a day, and spend x-number of minutes a day on social media but there’s so much being posted online that most of it gets lost in the shuffle. So I won’t be posting on a schedule you could set a clock by. Instead I’ll be posting as and when I feel I have something useful or interesting to say. Sure, it means you won’t have to check the site daily, but at least when you do stop by you’ll know whatever has been posted isn’t just click bait.


As well as offering my services in feedback and making any resources available to visitors of the site, I’m also hoping to use the site as a little bit of a showcase for my own work.

At the time of this writing I’ve allowed only one of my screenplays to be produced*. The film was (unfortunately)  ultimately titled Deadly Virtues and the experience proved so damaging I stopped writing my own scripts and prose altogether, focusing instead on helping others tell their stories.

Happily, now that I’m away from Raindance and the mistreatment and bullying** I experienced there, the desire to tell my own stories seems to be slowly returning. The aim now is to set aside a part of the site dedicated to introducing visitors to my personal creative voice, be it in script or prose form. Or indeed any other medium that suits the tale I happen to be telling at the time.

All Eyes on You

While at Raindance one of my responsibilities was to look at scripts that were submitted to Raw Talent, the production arm of the company. Despite my efforts I was never able to convince Raindance to move forward on any of the scripts I recommended. In truth it never felt like they were really invested in production. It was heartbreaking as genuinely great scripts by truly talented writers and my desire to help them, were repeatedly snubbed.

Now though, no longer beholden to the whims of the Raindance machine, I’m hoping to dedicate an area of the site to the great filmmakers, writers and stories that come my way. With luck, as the site grows, so too will the reputation and profile of those emerging filmmakers who deserve to be seen.

*  I’ll be writing about the production experience in an upcoming article to give an insight into how writers can be perceived in the industry. Additionally, I intend to write a deep dive into the film itself, discussing what does and doesn’t work and the changes/differences between script and screen.
** As it turns out, the industry can be a harsh mistress and your worst enemies are frequently the people you count as friends. By recounting a little of what I experienced I hope to provide an insight into what the industry is really like.